Closing Creatively


I help teams better empathize with their clients and coworkers through a joke writing workshop.


Nathan! What a pleasure you are! Your workshop was just the spoonful of sugar I needed after an emotionally challenging day. Thank you ever so much for your time, enthusiasm, and authenticity. You are a breath of fresh air. 




Experience how a comedian’s process mirrors your business goals.


Comedians strive to generate funny thoughts by journaling. We strive to generate strategies by brainstorming. Journaling declutters our minds and turns our lucid ideas into actionable plans.


Comedians strive to empathize with their audience to connect with them and get laughs. We strive to empathize with our clients or coworkers to align with their needs. When empathy is practiced, trust is formed, resulting in a more productive and engaging work environment.


Comedians strive to present their joke concisely by focusing on their word economy to not lose the audience’s attention. We strive to present our messaging concisely by editing our emails and presentations to not lose the attention of our clients or coworkers. When we’re economical with our words, we gain the respect of our peers and decision makers.

failing forward

The most innovative teams are the ones that allow themselves to be vulnerable with each other. Being comfortable with taking risks and embracing failure with your team is the first step to coming up with successful ideas.


Often times we become uninspired with our work because we’re not exercising creativity or empathy on a daily basis.  We abide strictly by a process and forget to be creative to improve that process.  This can lead to a lack of innovative ideas, unengaging meetings, and dissatisfaction with our role. Joke writing has elements which force us to think creatively, empathize, and be concise with our messaging by getting to the punchline faster.


The only way to be an innovative person is by first silencing our inner critic.

who takes this workshop

  • Companies that are looking improve office culture and employee engagement.

  • Sales teams that are looking to win more deals and generate more qualified opportunities.

  • Departments that are looking to improve team communication and generate actionable ideas.

Value for the individual

You will be given wisdom and practical tools to improve your: 

  • Emotional Intelligence to connect with yourself and others.  

  • Creativity to generate innovative ideas for yourself and others.

  • Communication Skills to be clear and concise with your colleagues and clients.

Value for the team

  • Your team will be more motivated to generate creative solutions and ideas.

  • Your team will be more supportive and understanding of each other’s idiosyncrasies when experimenting with new ideas.

  • Your team will strengthen their bond, and laugh with each other as they share their creations with one another.

My Jokes and My Story

I love jokes, but I wasn’t always just a performer at comedy clubs.  I’ve been a top performer at 3 different companies.  My life was pretty much start up sales by day and stand up comedy by night. Performing on stage helps me thrive in a corporate setting by exercising my emotional intelligence, creativity, and communication skills. It’s a rush to get the laugh, and a rush to help other professionals better connect with their colleagues and clients.