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Sometimes a mindset shift is all we need to get the job done.

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Earn Trust First, Then Sell Value.

1. if your potential buyers need to scroll to read your email, it’s too long.

Often times prospects receive emails that are too long and aren’t centered around their challenges. It’s time to step away from telling our prospects why they should meet with us, and start proposing why it might be valuable for them to explore with us.

I”ll guide you to compose better outreach emails by making them more concise while keeping their value.

2. If you Earn trust on your first call, selling comes naturally.

They responded positively to your email! Now what? We’re conditioned to immediately provide value however it’s rare for a buyer on the first call to be in the mindset of making a substantial purchase from a stranger.

I"ll coach you on how to lead your first call with the mindset of earning your prospect’s trust. Once trust is established, selling will feel like consulting, and consulting will lead to dollars.

3. If you ask good questions, your prospect will do the selling for you.

Sometimes when we ask questions our intentions are to qualify, gather information, or sell. We aren’t actually listening to our prospects.

I’ll teach you how to stay present with your buyer and ask them great open ended questions. Your buyer will come up with new ideas and solutions on their own. At that point, you are no longer a sales person. You are trusted consultant.