As a new business in New York we struggled with outreach and sales. We went through numerous sales workshop options, but once we saw Nathan's Closing Creatively workshop we decided to book it. Our entire team, including non-sales personnel, attended, and it was a smashing success!

Closing Creatively taught the team how to think about their sales process differently, helping them tie their personality and product to their prospects. The workshop brought together our inner creativity through emotional intelligence to develop a personable approach and reliability to clients. Nathan's methods and concrete cold calling and email toolbox have been an incredible boost to our sales force and ability to close deals. The team no longer approaches prospects to sell them a product, but to become their problem solvers and long-term support. 

Closing Creatively helps our team build a well rounded sales strategy from start to finish. Meet in Place will continue to use this workshop with every hiring round we have.

Dana Agmon

Nathan! What a pleasure you are! Your workshop was just the spoonful of sugar I needed after an emotionally challenging day. Thank you ever so much for your time, enthusiasm, and authenticity. You are a breath of fresh air. 

Briana Marie Larson


After being inspired by Nathan’s workshop, I scheduled a private session. I was having a hard time getting clients to commit to my travel services. Nathan asked enlighting questions about my challenges and equipped me with practical tools. The results were immediate! The first customer I engaged with after to my session was a closed deal! I highly recommend any business owner to use Nathan's philosophy and service.

Itay Asaf


Nathan! I wanted to thank you for your inspiring session last night! I, and the rest of us i'm sure, found it extremely valuable. I have sent out an email this afternoon using your template and am having a laugh as I heard straight back!

Anna Bamford

For months I was struggling to ask my client for help to move a critical deal forward. Nathan guided me to compose an email that was succinct and easy to understand. Three minutes after pressing send, my client took action on my request and my deal was back on a healthy track!

Kimberly Yosslowitz