What We’ll Be Doing…

Set Up

  • Up to 14 coworkers in a conference room.

  • Bring pen, notebook, and 2 printed emails sent to a client or coworker.

  • Cellphones and laptops are discouraged.

  • Workshop is 2 hours with a 10 minute break.

Part 1: Introductions and Ice Breaker

Activity 1: Ice Breaker

  • Activate creativity, emotional intelligence, and communication skills through an icebreaker.

  • The workshop will show how these skills allow comedians to generate jokes and allow us to achieve our professional goals.


  • Why is important to exercise creativity in our career?

  • What does it mean to “think creatively?”

Part 2: Journaling to generate innovative and actionable ideas

Comedians strive to generate funny thoughts by journaling.

We strive to generate actionable strategies by brainstorming.

Activity 2: Free Writing

  • 5 minute stream of consciousness writing exercise.


  • Why might we want to shut off Logic Brain and activate Artist Brain when being creative?

  • What are the benefits of journaling for our professional and personal lives?

Part 3: Empathizing to fully understand our client’s and coworker’s needs

Comedians strive to empathize with their audience to connect with them and get laughs.

We strive to empathize with our clients or coworkers to align with their needs.

Activity 3: Point of View Writing

  • 5 minutes of writing about a point of view on a topic.

Activity 4: Active Listening

  • Get in pairs. One person interviews and the other shares their POV.

  • Without offering any solutions, the interviewer asks thoughtful questions with the sole intention of listening and empathizing.

  • We switch roles and then practice the exercise as a group.


  • Why is it critical to ask our clients or coworkers thoughtful questions?

  • What exactly is a thoughtful question and how do we ask one?

Part 4: Editing to be clear and concise with our Messaging

Comedians strive to present their joke concisely by focusing on their word economy to not lose the audience’s attention.

We strive to present our messaging concisely by editing our emails and presentations to not lose the attention of our clients or coworkers. 

Activity 5: Joke Writing

  • Turn POV’s into actual jokes by leveraging joke formulas.

  • Share jokes with partner and edit them be more concise.

  • With your partner find words in email that can be taken out to make messaging more concise.


  • What should our mindset be when we draft an email or prepare a presentation to a client or coworker?

  • What are some best practices for writing an email to influence a change or action?

Part 5: Failing forward to generate innovative ideas for the team

Activity 6: Team Bonding

  • Share our jokes to the group and experience the joy of bombing with our peers.  


  • Why is it critical to take risks and fail in front of your peers? 

  • How do you make failing with your team comfortable, safe, and productive?

  • Why do some world renowned artists not take credit for their creative work?